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New Coated Backpack

New Coated Backpack

New Coated Backpack

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Product Details

SPIGEN SGP introduces the New-Coated Backpack for laptops and mobile devices. The New-Coated Backpack is the perfect backpack designed to carry a variety of mobile devices for the modern consumer.  SPIGEN SGP New-Coated Backpack includes 11 storage spaces to store a laptop, tablet pc, mouse, charger, writing supplies, and other accessories. The interior is lined with synthetic fur to fully protect your devices.

  • Efficient storage space
  • The Smart Life with a New-Coated Backpack
  • Available in 5 different colors for a casual line and formal line

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Khaki SGP09425
Orange Brown SGP09427


New-Coated Backpack 1PC

This is the Spigen SGP New-Coated Backpack made specifically for the multi-device citizen amongst us, working with so many pockets inside that you’ll never be able to fill them all up! And it’s rather fashionable, too.

The most impressive thing about this bag is undoubtedly its size to stuff held ratio. The amount of crap you can fit in this bag is actually kind of crazy, given its relatively reasonable footprint.