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iPhone 6s Case Liquid Armor

iPhone 6s Case Liquid Armor

iPhone 6s Case Liquid Armor


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Pre-Order Price: £9.99

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Pre-Order Price: £9.99


Product Details

When simplicity trumps complexity, the Spigen® Capsule case for the iPhone 6s is all you need. The flexible TPU material offers basic protection against scratches and bumps in a uniform design. The gray and black options feature a dotted pattern for extra grip while the clear option exhibits the original phone design.


  • Flexible and durable TPU material offers a soft & comfortable grip
  • Air Cushion Technology® offers shock absorption for small drops
  • Slim and form-fitted to the original phone shape and size
  • iPhone 6S Case Compatible with Apple iPhone 6S (2015)
  • Textured grip on Gray/Black; Clear case showcases phone
  • Dimensions

    • 2.79" x 5.55" x 0.35"


    • TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Product SKU Chart

Black SGP11751
Crystal Clear SGP11753
Gray SGP11752


Capsule Case 1PC

Customer Reviews

Unbiased review after 2 yearsReview by Oliver Posted on 08/08/2017 One sentence review - The case is simply great.

In terms of a more serious, unbiased comprehensive review, there are few things to mention about this product.
I have used various different cases over last few years, yet Spigen cases seem to be the ones I come back to the most.
After buying and using this case on my iPhone 6 and 6s for 2 years, I can assure you that the case looks and behaves like new.

The most important characteristics of this case remained unchanged. Great grip is still here (regardless whether used with dry or sweaty hands). No signs of shiny material. All the surfaces despite the extensive use show no sighs of wear and tear. The protection is good, as expected from the TPU case with air cushion shock absorption technology. As the texture of the case prevents from occasional drops, the my phones landed on pavements few dozens of times over almost three years and not even once have I damaged the case, and especially the phone. The case didn't stretch a bit, even though it has been taken on and off regularly, as on some occasions I like to use my phone case-less from time to time. Inside of the case has no effect on the surface of the phone, absolutely no issues with micro-scratches. There are no broken pieces. As the case is a piece of solid TPU (unpainted), there are absolutely no issues with any discolouration. Sense of security this case gives relies heavily on its texture which prevents from dropping a phone, while also not being too grippy as other cases which pull the inside of the pocket while the phone is taken out of it. There is a comfortable balance between grippy texture and smooth finish. The sophisticated and understated look is also one of the strong features of this case.

There are no cons to this product in my opinion. It may sound silly, but in all honesty - the texture, grip, quality and price are great.
In general, it is hard to make a bad review of the product, as finding flaws in this case is quite hard. After over two years of constant use, there were many occasions in which case could fail me, but it didn't. It did well with 2 years of daily use.

In general, I can suggest this case to everyone, as this product provides all the essential characteristics of a great case : minimalist design, good protection, incredible grip and low price. Hopefully, soon I will be able to get my hands on my next case (Spigen Liquid Armor) for the iPhone 7 Plus, as this model seems to be the same case with a slightly changed look.
Best case I've purchasedReview by tomvlasov Posted on 28/10/2015 Before buying this product I spent a stupid amount of money on an official Apple case, after finding defects with such an expensive case, I wanted a decent solid case but without the hefty price tag, this case fits that description perfectly, would recommend this case to anybody! Brilliant case!