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MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina Skin Guard [2012]

MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina Skin Guard [2012]

MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina Skin Guard [2012]

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Product Details

SKIN GUARD™ for the MacBook Air is a easy-to-use protective skin for the back of your device. Skin Guards are made with eco-freindly materials in six different designs. Skin Guards are a great way to keep your MacBook Air protected from scrapes and dust when not using a case. Skin Guards gives a unique twist to the overall look of your device.

  • High Quality Cover Skin : Skin Film made in Korea
  • Eco-Friendly Product with no harmful substances
  • Texture of the Skin Polyurethane
  • 100% Customized luxurious pattern made in japan
  • Size to specifically fit the device
  • Easy to install / Remove
  • Reattachable with silicon adhesive

Product SKU Chart

Leather Brown SGP09407
Carbon Black SGP09410


Micro-Fiber Fabric 1PC
SPIGEN Logo Metal Sticker 1PC

Q. Are the Skin Guard sets reusable?

A. Yes, our SGP skin guard set uses very strong 3M adhesive which allows it to be reattached to the device.

Q. Are these skins real leathers, real woods?

A. All our skins are eco friendly faux leather, and faux wood, mainly to make the skin as slim as possible. The product is made with premium high grade material that it feels, and even smells like the real thing! The Skin guard also resists very well against scratches.

Q. Are the skin exactly fitted to the device?

A. No, we usually tailor our skins slightly smaller (about inch short all around), for easier application and better compatibility

Q. How many pieces are included in the package?

A. Our laptop skin guards are 1 piece for the top of the laptop. We do not create skin guards for the bottom of laptops as this is where the device gets most heated which will result in the skin guard shrinking.